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Italy 2009

Italy Logbook October 2009

Our ambassadors have arrived safely in Italy! It's been a hectic schedule thus far, and I can only imagine their exhaustion. They seem to be having a great time however and you can follow their journey by reading their logbook. Click below to read more !        

ON TUESDAY OCT 20TH AND WEDNESDAY OCT 21ST  we, Lauralie Peterson, Vincent Ramsami, and Chuk Yan Edwina Wong, began our journey to Benevento, Italy.  On our arrival in Fiumicino, Rome, we met the German group along with Maria Antonietta Sessa and the other teachers from Benevento. We then took a bus to the hotel to the outskirts of Rome and freshened up to meet the Swedish group at the airport. After everyone got acquainted we drove to Rome and toured Rome by night. We visited many historical sites starting at the Colosseum and ending at the Trevi fountain. For dinner, we ate at a pizzeria and stayed in Rome until 10:00. We were all pretty exhausted but in the end we all slept at midnight. 

ON THURSDAY OCT 22nd we went to visit the Vatican and toured the Basilica in which we had to walk 320 steps to reach the copula at the top of Basilica to get a breathtaking view of Rome. Afterwards, everyone split up into groups and roamed around Rome for lunch for an hour or two. When we were all united we got into another bus and we went on a 5 hour drive at 6:00 and arrived at 11:00 to Benevento. Upon arriving in Benevento some teachers went to stay at a hotel while the students and some chaperones went to stay at Vetrone, which was a school that provided dormitories, and we got sorted into our rooms. Vertrone offered us many things such as furnace, three hot meals a day, and even entertainment such as table tennis, foosball, and billiards. In addition, we met some Italian students from the Vertrone school who were very friendly to us and give us lots of homage. 

ON FRIDAY OCT 23RD  we finally went to the Galileo Galilee school in the city centre of Benevento and met the Italian participants (who were REALLYY COOL!!). Moreover, we had a sticker art/picture performance. Everyone also had a tour of the historical monuments in Benevento and saw an exhibition of medieval clothing. We met some Italian officials like their commissioner of education, compared to the Dutch “gemeente raadslid”. Sorry guys, this is a little difficult to explain. There were also presentations done by the various schools to inform each other on their countries and schools. After the presentations we walked around Benevento with all of the present participants of the COMENIUS project and had fun joking around and getting to know each other better. By the end of the day we all were exhausted so we went back to the Vetrone School and went to get some more sleep!

ON SATURDAY OCT  24TH, this morning we played football. Only Edwina  played because both Lauralie and Vincent were suffering from mild body ailments. But Edwina played for three!!!! Later on in the day we will also have a pizza workshop and make some Italian pizza! JI know that you are eager to see the pictures, but please bear with us. At last we got access to a computer and internet! 

Love from Italy, Benevento from Edwina Wong, Lauralie Peterson, Vincent Ramsami, Ms. Magda, and Ms. Gianne.

They're back! Our cultural explorers have returned safe and sound from Benevento, Italy. The group was there as part of the Comenius Project. What did they do? Who did they meet? Where did they go? Find out the answers to those questions and more by reading their logbook. Now updated with Pics! 

Sunday October 25th   

yes_we_saw_this_small.jpgOh how nice it is to see the sun! In the morning, after an estimated 5 hour drive( due to traffic) we arrived at Positano on the Amalfi Coast. It was such a beautiful place with the houses on the cliff sides and small orange and lemon farms  terraced along the hills. Upon arriving in Positano we got our packed lunches and headed towards the beach where the Swedish students immediately got into their swim suits and jumped into the water, which was ironic since we, the students from the Netherlands Antilles, were still in our jackets and scarves. After a day filled with watching others swim, sitting in the sun and surfing the web in an internet café, everyone got on a ferry and enjoyed the breezy sea view to Salerno where we got onto the bus and headed back to Benevento. In the evening , everybody dressed up and went to an official dinner party All the participants got a certificate for attending the Comenius meeting in Italy. 

Monday October 26th 

At 9:00 am we visited the Caserta Royal Palace. It was one of the most beautiful buildings that I had seen during the whole trip! We walked through the palace that was laced with gold and explored the English garden filled with many different types of trees and plant life. The garden was so big that we had to get on a bus to reach it! Afterwards we went by bus to Herculaneum, one of the cities destroyed by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius along with the city of Pompeii. After visiting Herculaneum we went to a mall shaped like Mount Vesuvius and ate dinner( Mc.Donalds!) We returned early to the dormitories as the Swedish group had to leave very early the next morning. Later that evening everyone gathered in the hall and bedrooms and took pictures. We sang our theme song, Hurtful by Erick Hassle. Everyone signed t-shirts, shed tears, and promised to stay in contact with each other even if there was a slim chance of seeing each other ever again. 

Tuesday October 27th 

Edwina and Lauralie woke up at 3:00 am to say their final good-byes to the Swedes. Tears were shed all over again and hugs lasted forever. It's funny how everyone had only known each other for 5 days and yet had gotten so close. It was as if we had known each other for years. Later in the morning the Germans left and only the Dutch Antilleans remained. At 11:00 we got on an inter-city bus and drove to Rome, where we checked into a hotel 17 kilometres from the airport. Afterwards Ms.Gianne, Ms.Magda, Edwina and Vincent went to roam around in Rome while Lauralie choose to stay at the hotel. We ate at a restaurant  and celebrated our last evening with a huge 13 euro ice cream cone (see picture), It is the final day in Italy and tomorrow at 4:30, we are heading to the airport to start our journey back to St.Maarten.





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