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When a parent comes to register a new student the following has to be taken care of:

  • Tuition fees as mentioned here
  • Health records: at the time of registration, copies of immunization records must be submitted to the school. These records are periodically reviewed by the Department of Health and must be kept up-to-date.
  • Medication: parents/guardians of students whose children require medication during the school day are requested to inform the school when registration takes place and send the medication and its use to the school office for proper distribution. The school office should be notified of any possible side effects that may be caused by such medication. Over-the counter (OTC) medications such as aspirin, cough drops, eye drops are available at teh office. If your child is not permitted to request and receive OTC medication, you must inform the office in writing.
  • Allergies/illnesses: the school should be notified at the registration if the student is allergic to certain things or has chronic illnesses, e.g. asthma. A doctor's letter has to be submitted.
  • Transcript/report cards of the school last attended with at least the grades of the last academic year, preferably the last two years.
  • Name, address, telephone number, school profile, recommendation letter of the previous school signed by principal (only for students from other islands/countries than St. Maarten).
  • Census Office registration form, Immigration/residency permit, copy of birth certificate, copy of passport





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