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Early Exams

Early Exams and Early Admittance IB Programme

As a school we try to encourage the students to perform to the best of their abilities. That’s why the St. Dominic High School has allowed students to sit an early exam in certain subjects for a couple of years now. These subjects, the foreign languages, English and Math have the distinct position of being able to offer exams at earlier moments than other subjects (e.g. the sciences). English is also able to offer early exams - albeit restricted to Form 4.

It should also be noted that successful learning can only be accomplished through a thorough support system within the school as well as a full partnership with the parents. That’s why the school has made basic rules for the early exams and has set the perimeters for an early admittance to IB.

1.   Early exams for all languages and Mathematics:

  1. Doing an early exam in a specific subject doesn’t allow the students to drop a subject. Students must have at least 8 exam subjects in Form 4 and 5.
  2. If a student sits early exams, e.g. Form 3 or 4: a follow-up program on a higher level is required or an additional subject is taken (see regulations per subject).
  3. Per subject details are worked out as follows:

    Mathematics: students can sit the regular CXC Math exam in Form 4. Students entering Form 5 will have to follow the Advanced Math program and sit exam in this new CXC exam subject.

    French: Native French speakers/Advanced French students can only sit exams in Form 3. Afterward they will have to choose an additional exam subject (9th exam subject) for Forms 4 and 5.

    Spanish: students can sit the Spanish CXC in form 3. Afterwards they either:

    - continue on advanced level and prepare for Cambridge A/S level in cooperation with the teacher, or
    - choose an additional exam subject(9th exam subject) for Form 4 and 5.
    Non-native Spanish students who write the exam in Form 4, will continue with the subject in Form 5; an alternative program will be offered to them.

    Dutch: Students can sit the IGCSE exam “Dutch as a foreign Language as early as in Form 2, they will continue with Dutch up to Form 5 and and MUST continue with IGCSE “Dutch as a First Language” in the new school year. This exam can only be done in Form 4 for students who plan to enter IB or in Form 5 for students who continue the regular CXC-CSEC program.

    English: Students can only sit the English CXC exam in Form 4 and not earlier. Students who are promoted to form 5 will follow an advanced English program that is NOT combined with an external exam/certificate.

2.   Early admittance (after Form 4) to the IB- diploma programme:

     Students who score an 80 average in Form 2 are eligible to apply for IB after form 4. Students in Forms 1 and 2 will be informed through general parent’s evening, guidance classes and individual sessions.

       Forms 3 and 4:

  • Students in Form 3 start preparing for CXC/IGCSE exams to be done at the end of Form 4. Exams must have been done in at least Math, English and a foreign language.
  • Next to those 3 exam subjects results, students in Form 4 must have at least a final average grade of 75 on their report card to be admitted in the IBDP.
    However, while in Form 4, if a student decides that he/she does not want to go to IB and instead do Form 5, the student is still required to do the advanced program in the subjects he/she already sat exams. Or, if feasible within the timetable, the student may take an additional subject.

Please, feel free to contact your child’s homeroom teacher if you still have some questions.




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