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Admission Rules & Fees

Admissions Policy

Decisions on admissions will be made by the School Board on the advise of the Principal of the St. Dominic High School.

The following criteria on admissions will be used to determine admission of St. Dominic High School:

  • Entrance exam for students entering Form 1.
  • Placement exams for students entering Form 2, 3 and 4.
  • Transcript of the school last attended.
  • Record of standardized testing, if any.
  • Recommendation of the Principal / Admittance advice form of the school last attended based on the student's report card.
  • Record of good behavior at the previous school signed by the principal.
  • Age:
    • Form 1 - not older than 14 years before January 2014
    • Form 2 - not older than 15 years before January 2014
    • Form 3 - not older than 16 years before January 2014        
    • Form 4 - not older than 17 years before January 2014


 Admittance Priorities

  • First priority will be given to students of the St. Dominic and St. Joseph Primary Schools.
  • Then to the Catholics from other schools. Verification of Baptism Certificate is required.
  • Non-Catholics can also be admitted on conditions mentioned in Chapter 2 of the Handbook


 Placement Rules (Form2, 3 and 4)

Normal Admission:

  • Criteria 1: both Math and English have a score of 60 or higher.
  • Criteria 2: One subject is between 50-60, but the average of Math and English is 60.

In all other cases a student fails the exams.

If a student does not pass the entrance or placement exam and his/her report card grades evidence the academic abilities of the student, the parents of the student can appeal the decision to the School Board.

Parental Fees

When a parent comes to register his son/daughter, the following fees will have to be paid:

Registration Fee: Nafl. 700.00

Book Fee (rent of books): Nafl. 200.00

Total: in Nafl. 900.00

These fees include the Year Book, a student agenda and transportation fees for field trips.

Tuition fees are established by the School Board for the school year. The yearly rent of books is determined by the Foundation Catholic Book Fund.

The book fee must be paid at the beginning of the school year in order for the student to receive his/her books. All other fees have to be paid before January 15, 2015.

The Form 5 students have to pay an additional Nafl. 140.00 for the exam fee for the Cambridge Exam Dutch. Also, when they have an eight CXC subject, they will have to pay this themselves, since the Island Government does not provide for this.









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