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French Club

The French Club

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If you like French and want to learn about French culture, then this is the right club for you.

Learning a language is not just about learning how to read and write in the target language. It is also learning about cultures and customs. Therefore, the goal of the French Club is to help develop the student's cultural awareness through the arts, such as fashion, paintings, and music. Also guest speakers from French countries, including the French side of Saint Martin will be asked to come to St. Dominic High to speak.

Special Programs

Have a Heart for Haiti

"Have a heart for Haiti" is a charitable organization that helps feed and educate orphans in Haiti. Due to the terrible earthquake that has devastated the island nation of Haiti last year, this organization is in great need of help.  Last year the French Club has begun an exchange program with the organization and in the future will be working closely with St. Dominic High's IB program in order to better help our Haitian brothers and sisters. We also began exchanging letters with the students at the orphanage.


The French Club is meant to be fun and exciting. However, like most clubs we need funds. In order to acquire these funds the French Club holds fundraisers throughout the school year. 

The French Club will hold the following as fundraisers:

  • Car wash (twice a year)
  • Bake sales
  • Baguette sales

Requirements for Membership

The French Club is non-obligatory

It is not a course. It is simply a club that is meant to be fun and a learning experience. It is open to all students. However, those who wish to become a member of this club must be meet the following requirements:

  • Have an overall average of at least 60
  • Have a record of good discipline






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