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Reward, St. Maarten - On July 6, 2018, thirteen students of the St Dominic High School International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme received the results from their May 2018 examinations. 

This year 12 of the 13 (92%) IB Diploma candidates met the requirements to be awarded the internationally recognized IB Diploma.  They now become part of almost 2 million Diploma Programme graduates in 153 countries across the world.

Ajay Dayalani scored the highest with a cumulative score of 39 points out of a possible 45. Additionally, Ajay achieved a perfect score of 7 in two of his six subjects: Chemistry HL and Physics HL. Also noteworthy are the performances of Dillon Persaud and Tanya Balani who received a grade 7 in Business Management HL and Simran Karnani who scored a 7 for Mathematics SL. 

Ms. Marie Richardson, the Diploma Programme Coordinator stated: “Despite the obstacles each of these students had to encounter this school year, they persevered to overcome them. They have the skills, knowledge and potential to move forward and embrace the next challenge that comes their way. They deserve our congratulations and I am proud to call them the global ambassadors of the St. Dominic High School IB Diploma Programme.”

According to information on, 165,752 students around the world sat the May 2018 exams. The world average diploma point score was 29.78 out of 45 points maximum. The St Dominic High IB candidates who received the diploma this session achieved a higher average score of 31.83. This surpasses the global mean and is an improvement over the school’s performance of last year. During the May 2017 session, St. Dominic High IB candidates achieved an average diploma score of 29.38

Dr. Siva Kumari, the IB General Director, expressed the following when IB results were released:

“Research suggests that an IB diploma is the best preparation for further education and for future careers. IB graduates show continued curiosity and critical thinking throughout their lives. These are the skills of the future, as both universities and employers attest. I wish this year’s graduates all the best for the future and for making a better world through education.” 

The IB Diploma Programme, offered at St. Dominic High School since August 2010, is a rigorous and academically challenging pre-university curriculum where students select and study six subjects from five groups – literature, foreign language, individuals and societies, experimental sciences, mathematics. In order to qualify for the diploma, students must complete the following core requirements: a 4,000 word Extended Essay (EE), the Theory of Knowledge (TOK) course which examines how knowledge is acquired and the various kinds of knowledge that exists, Creativity, Actiivity Service (CAS) requiring students to engage in the arts, sports and the community. The Diploma Programme was designed and established 50 years ago to not only address the academic needs of each student, but also to target the students’ social, emotional and physical well-being  in order to give them the skills to be successful contributive citizens and members of our global community. 


Contact : Marie Richardson  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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